My old blog is still here, and everything still works!

Due to a bit of mind searching, and generally failing at life at the moment, I’m going to start up a new routine of blog posting in the hopes that it’ll inspire me to move onto greater things.

In the upcoming days, I shall be posting about my travels to spontaneous destinations, my musings about the various things I see, and hopefully some cool pics too!

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to get myself a blank paged notepad, and a fancy pen to write/drawn in it with. And I’ll be further fiddling with the blog settings and what not.

Now, since I won’t be going out and starting all this till tomorrow, I’ll show you the lazy way to cook a chicken… in a microwave! 😀

“The foolhardy way to cook a whole chicken in a microwave:”

They're revolting!!! D:

The chicken all ready to go into the microwave. 🙂

  1. Put chicken in a pyrex bowl (or any sort of bowl that doesn’t mind getting heated up.)
  2. Place chicken in said bowel, and get out your other ingredients
  3. Garnish the chicken with spices and other flavoury things (I usually use paprika sprinkled on top, with a slosh of red wine and soy sauce. But since the paprika and red wine had run out, in this version I used: soy sauce, two garlic cloves chopped into slices and sprinkled on top, and a dash of pepper.)
  4.  Cover it all up with cling film
  5. Put it in the microwave on Medium, for 25 mins. Then let it have a rest, and put it on for another 20 mins (I sometimes give it an extra 2 mins per time slot)
  6. Marvel in its delicious scent as you go to get it out
  7. Serve & Enjoy!

And here’s the end result! ;D


I’m back!

Sorry I haven’t written for a while I should come back and post things a little more often , any way I’m here now and I’ve finally finished my first book!!!,  I haven’t got a title for it yet and I still need to edit it but when it’s all finished I shall put a picture of it here and a link to where one could go if they wish to by it.

I’m also writing a new book  it has no name yet aswell but it will eventually…

I’m planing to make a sequel of the first after this one I’ll post some updates soon I suppose…

Good-bye and untill I write again…